We are often asked to estimate prices for procedures performed at our hospital.  This can be difficult for patients or problems that we have not seen, but we’ll do our best to let you know what to expect.

We offer a discounted program to encourage responsible pet ownership in our community. This program is available to all cats, but only dogs less than 1 year old. Please call for more information if your dog is older than 12 months.

Below is a list of prices for ovariohysterectomy (spay) and castration (neuter) procedures.  This price includes the pre-surgical exam, anesthesia, surgical procedure and pain medications for the following days at home.  You will have the peace of mind that your pet’s surgery is performed by a trusted veterinarian at a hospital facility capable of handling unexpected needs.

We can discuss the costs of any additional procedures or tests at the time of your pet’s exam.  Please understand that in order to protect other patients, if your pet arrives at the hospital with fleas, treatment is mandatory.  Additional fees may also apply if your pet is in heat, pregnant or lactating, as this extends surgical time.

For more information about making pet care more affordable, see our page on how to save more on veterinary care below:

How To Save On Veterinary Care


Feline Neuter: $104
Feline Spay: $134
Cat In Heat/Lactating: +$20.50
Cat Pregnancy: +$41

Kitten Packages Also Available

Dogs < 12 Months Old

Canine Neuter

1-50 pounds: $239
51-75 pounds: $268
76-100 pounds: $299
Over 100 Pounds: $369

Canine Spay

1-40 pounds: $239
41-70 pounds: $299
Over 70 pounds: $358


In Heat/Lactating: +$62
Pregnancy: +$82

Puppy Packages Also Available


Rabbit Neuter: $239
Rabbit Spay: $299.50
In Heat/Lactating: +$20.50
Pregnancy: +$82



  • Rabies: $24
  • Fvrcpc: $24
  • Leukemia: $26


  • Rabies: $24
  • Dhp-pv and Dhlp-pv: $24
  • Leptospirosis: $24
  • Bordetella Injectable: $20.50
  • Bordetella Oral: $23
  • Lyme: Call for availability
  • Canine Flu: Call for availability

Dental Exam & Cleaning

Please call us to schedule an exam with one of our Veterinarians. They can provide you with a treatment plan that best fits your pet’s needs.


We no longer offer regular boarding services.  There are a number of great local kennels, so feel free to call if you need any help finding them.